Facilities and Infrastructure

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Facilities and infrastructure available in the National Training and Education Center for Researchers Development – Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Pusbindiklat Peneliti – LIPI), are: administration building, classroom building, dormitories, and a large dining room, connecting hallway, and the parking lot for motorcycles and four wheel drive vehicles. Facilities already available, include:

    1. Two floors administration building: (a) the first floor consists of reception area, several standard work rooms (with a desk /work chair, cupboards, filling cabinets, computers and telephones), a room for researcher’s data storage, a large meeting room, kitchen and cellar; (b) the second floor comprises several standard work rooms, praying room, a large meeting room that can accommodate about 40 people. The large meeting room is equipped with a sound system in each table and LCD along with the accessories. This administration building uses air Splitconditioning, Local Area Network (LAN), WiFi Zone, and is equipped with CCTV;

    1. Two floors classroom building: (a) the first floor consists of two classrooms, secretariat room, lectures/resource person’s lounge and praying room; (b) the second floor consists of two classrooms, one room for indoor outbound activity, and a reading room /library. Each classroom is equipped with air split conditioning, LCD screens, tables and chairs to learn and one cupboard to store materials/training materials. This class building is equipped with a class of Local Area Network (LAN) and Wi-Fi Zone, so the training participants can access to the sources of information/data, also equipped with CCTV;

    1. Two floors dormitory building: each floor consists of 24 rooms, so the total number of rooms entirely as many as 48 rooms. Each room is equipped with a split air conditioning, 21″ TV, telephone line, water heater, double bed and one extra bed, one table mirror, two sets of study chairs and tables, a two door cabinet, and a towel. Each room comes with a balcony that can be used for drying clothes. It has four dormitory lobbies which are equipped with guest chairs and tables and a water dispenser. The lobby can also be used for discussion and/or watching television together. The lobby is also equipped with CCTV;
    1. A dining room building, which consists of a large dining room with a capacity of 200 people, a clean kitchen, a room for serving food, warehouse, and toilet. Dining room building is furnished with padded chairs and round table and four standing air conditioning units, making the room quite convenient. Besides being used as a dining area, the building was also used for gatherings, work meetings, and others;

    1. A gazebo building, used for outdoor activities such as outbound activities. Gazebo Building can also be used as a praying room;

  1. Hotspot facility, used to support both offices and training activities for the training participants. At some points, there were already hotspot areas to access the internet. Hotspot area already available at the administration building, class building, and dining room building. In the administration building, internet facility is provided only for the personnel of LIPI and guests who visit. Thats for the training participants are provided in the class building and the dining room building;
  2. Connecting hallway, which is used as an infrastructure link between classroom building, dormitory building and dining room building;
  3. The parking lot for motorcycles and four wheel drive vehicles are available in several places, including parking area for motorcycles besides the administration building and four wheel drive vehicles in front of classroom building.